Thursday, March 10, 2011

PediaCare @ Walgreens

This week's Walgreens ad had a coupon for $5 off any PediaCare. If you also go to and print the $2 off PediaCare manufacturers coupon (you can print 2) and use both the Walgreens coupon and the manufacturers coupon together then it makes it free, however you will have to purchase a little something else or it will not accept the manufacturers coupon. At the Walgreens in Belmont they are doing a candy bar donation for the USO. The deal is donate 3 candy bars for $2 so that is what I did in order to use my coupons. My total was $2.44 out of pocket for 2 bottles + the candy bar donations. Not too shabby! I'm sure you can get a pack of gum and make your total much cheaper but anytime I can support our troops I will do so. :)

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