Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walmart & Target Toy Clearance

If you haven't already, and you have young children, you should check out the toy clearance section at Walmart and both the toy and kids art section at Target. Last night I went to the Walmart in Belmont and spent $26 and got all of my stepson's Christmas presents taken care of! Today I went to Target in Gastonia and for $25 got a few things for mystepdaughter's for Christmas and a couple things for my stepson's birthday. You just can't beat that! There is not a ton of stuff left at Target (sorry, I bought a lot of it lol) but there is still a decent amount and you could score some really great stuff! At Walmart I got Bakugan stuff for $3 each among other 'boy toys.' At Target I got Bakugans for $1.97 each, a Tinkerbell game for $6.98, a Tinkerbell scrapbook set for $2.48, a Tinkerbell stepping stone art kit for $4.98, and a Princess bead set for $6.98.

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