Thursday, May 5, 2011

Swag Bucks Coupons

Do you Swagbuck? Did you know that you can print coupons from their website and earn 10 SBs for every coupon you redeem? I have earned well over 200 just from coupons alone in the past couple of months! Check it out!

Swag Bucks

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Go check out our new giveaway!

I have gone through my coupon stash and haved upped the prize to 100 coupons instead of the stated 25! Make sure you share my blog and then comment back on that post to be entered.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Did you know that our troops overseas can use expired coupons?

Yes, that's right, our military stationed overseas can use expired coupons (up to six months) at commissaries and PXs. So please send your expired coupons to them! This page on Facebook belongs to a lady in North Carolina who collects, organizes, and distributes them to our military. Check her out!

Coupons for Troops

Time for another giveaway!

Ok guys, it's time for another coupon giveaway! You have until Friday to enter. In order to enter you must post a link to my blog on your Facebook OR email a link to a friend. Then come back and comment on this post to let me know you did. I will draw a winner on Friday! Winner gets 25 coupons!

Free Noxzema Bikini Shavers + Overage At Walmart

I completely forgot to put these in the post from yesterday. These are regularly priced for $1.97 at Walmart. There was a coupon in Sunday's paper for $2 off any one so that makes it free with .03 cents overage!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Soap & Bodywash Freebies

There was a coupon in the P&G insert yesterday for $1 off Ivory soap. You can use this coupon at CVS or Walmart and get a 3 pk of Ivory bar soap for FREE. They are $1 at CVS and .97 cents at Walmart so Walmart is the best deal with .03 cents overage!

There was a coupon in the Redplum insert for BOGO on Right Guard deodorant or bodywash. Pair the coupon with the BOGO on the bodywash sale going on at Walgreens this week and pay tax only for 2 bottles! FYI: Walgreens in Belmont is already out of stock but ask for a raincheck for later!