Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great Deals One of My Followers Got Yesterday!

My friend Jessica from over at The Beginning of Crafting sent me an email this morning letting me know of the great deals she was able to get at Bi-Lo & CVS yesterday. She said that I have helped her to get her costs down so I am very glad that my blog is helping people!! Here is her email & list with pics of what she got. GREAT job Jess!!


I made 2 trips yesterday to pick up some necessities and combine them with coupons. I typically am not a big shopper at Bi-lo, but with gas prices continuing to climb, and the inability to leave walmart under $100, I gave it a shot. I pass Bi-lo on my way home from work, and CVS is across the street from it, so technically I ALSO saved on my gas bill by not going out of my way.

CVS:  I have 2 cvs cards.

1 Russell stover egg 0.74. - received ecb 0.74
miracle bubbles 1.99- received ecb 1.99
used 0.50 ecb= free

2nd transaction:
Similac Alimentum RTF quart 10.39 - $5 formula check- $5 similac MQ= 0.39
4- Air wick imotion kits ($5 each)- (4) airwick $4 coupons= $1 each = $4
russel stover egg 0.74 - received $0.74 back in ecb
miracle bubbles 1.99- received 1.99 back in ecb
3 packs of C cvs brand batteries- BoGo Free
pampers diapers 11.99- $3q
used $4/20 q
used ecb 2.99

 ecbs received-12.73 ($10ecb for spending $20 on airwick)
making real total - $6.62


lipton tea(2)  bonus card deal 2/$5 + .75/2 coupon (doubled) 1.50 off
alimentum RTF formula- $5 q and $5 check
enfamil nutramigen RTF formula $5 q and $5 check
smart balance spread-bilo special 1.83 - dairy free
silk pure coconut milk-  on sale 2.99 bonus card + $2 q
milk store brand
1lb strawberries- b1g1 special, rings up half price, I only buy 1
spinach- bonus card 1.97 bag
international delight creamer- bonus card 1.66 dairy free
Bilo coupon for $2 off $30 transaction

bonus card savings: 8.65
coupon savings $12.75
formula check savings $10
total savings: $31.40
total paid: 11.16



  1. Thanks for the deals you post, the coupon updates, and how they link up. I did NOT think I could get the cost of this Alimentum formula down to FREE, especially for the RTF stuff. It really does come down to thinking about purchasing the smaller cheaper sizes instead of the bigger ones to get it free.

  2. A lot of times when you buy the smaller packages of stuff you will get a much better deal! For years I thought buying in bulk would be cheapest but if you have coupons and can get the smaller ones for free or super cheap, nothing beats it!